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Bulk Transport

Vehicles and logistics to fulfill orders for business

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Bulk Transport

Efficient and affordable transport and logistics for your delivery needs.

Fleet of vehicles
Fleet of vehicles


Optimized delivery
Optimized delivery


What seamless delivery looks like


Deliver using the optimal number of vehicles with technology that understands your product dimensions, distance to destination, and transport cost.

Save Money

Understand what adjustments can increase efficiency and reduce cost with data from each delivery.

Save time

Delivery schedule that automatically improves to consider frequency and demand of your goods.


See your delivery progress with geolocation tracking - allowing you to see in real-time at any time of the day.


How we deliver your products

1. Discover

We discuss your delivery needs and recommend a solution.

Delivery setup

Delivery setup

  • Schedule the delivery of products

  • Find an efficient route

  • Record data from the delivery

Monitor delivery

A dedicated website is provided to view the real-time progress of your delivery and visualize your operations.

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Pearl Rides

We are a distribution, transportation, and logistics company using technology to serve our clients to the best of our ability.

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